Author Interview: Karen J. Mossman

April 17

1) Welcome Karen! Would you please tell a little bit about yourself.

Yes, hi, I’m Karen, and I live with my husband and Yorkshire terrier puppy on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales. We’ve lived here for two years having previously come from the city of Manchester when my husband retired. I’ve gone from a city girl to a country girl and I love it!

2) When you decided to write and what inspired you?

I get inspiration from songs, or from something I have seen on in the media or on television.

3) Tell us a little bit about your books, your favorite genres etc.?

I started off as a romance writer, then it went to romantic suspense and now I write in many genres. My favourite always changes and at the moment it is Science Fiction. I’ve written one book and have another part written.

4) What was the hardest part of writing your first book?

Not know what I was doing and feeling totally isolated.  I didn’t even know I was an Indie author or that a community  existed.

5) What are your future projects?

At the moment I am concentrating on the launch of my new book, Joanna’s Destiny – which is the best I’ve written to date – I’m so proud of it. After that I have a short story and poetry collection almost ready to go. I also want to right another Electric Eclectic book (, they a shorter reads to introduce readers to new authors, and for people who love to read, but don’t have a lot of time. I have several short stories I can expand and use for this. Then finally I have another novel called Saffron’s Struggle, set in medieval times. This book has been has been hanging around for many years and unfortunately I lost the last quarter of it when my computer crashed. I need to finish it and get it out there. That will be the last novel from me as I don’t think it is worth the time, effort, and cost, any more.

6) How do you involve in promote your books? Any marketing technique you want to share?

Promoting is always difficult, but it is a matter of getting your book in front of people. That will include promoting on many social media sites and I feel there is also a lot of that now, so if I can, rather than send a reader straight to a buy link, I’ll send them to my blog where they can read an article or something about the book, and if they are still interested they will find a buy link.

7) How you made your first book published? Share your experiences and strategies of editing, promotion and marketing.

My first book was a disaster in publishing. I had no idea what I was doing. Since then, and this latest book is my eleventh, I feel I have learnt a lot all round. Planning is important. You can’t just launch a book, a lead up promotion by yourself and helpers – I put a call out and many people, like yourself, Praskaash, offer to blog or share. I’ve organised a launch party and a simple launch with a promotion company. I’ve also given out Advanced Reader copies, so they can post a review on Goodreads, or write me a review that I can post.  That’s promotion and marketing. The biggest change I’ve done which has helped me a lot is editing. I read it through many times until I feel it is right. Then I send it to my kindle and read it as if ‘a real book.’ This enables me to pick up the flow of words, or missing words, or typos, much easier. I’ve now got myself a wonderful editor and once I have done that, I send it to her to go through.

8) Do you think promotion and marketing are the same? Please share your views.

Yes, I do. I can’t really see a different between the two.

9) Give your thoughts about traditional publishing Vs. self-publishing? Which are the publishing platforms you use to publish your books?

Traditional publishing is something very view people get into. At first I thought it was the way to go because they deal with everything, cover, editing and marketing, , unless you get with one of the big companies and you are one of the greats like J K Rowlings there is little chance of making it big . You can end up with smaller publishers that will do most of it for you, but you have to do the marketing. I have found some of these books have errors in them and they cannot be easily rectified  as you are reliant on someone else doing it for you. I wouldn’t really know how to start doing it traditionally, anyway. I like being an Indie author, I just wish I could sell a few more books to supplement my pension!

10) Personally, I would like to know about social and political issues of your country? Have you ever thought to write about those or something which may be beneficial for the society or nation?

Social and political issues? Now that’s a loaded question! I stay out of politics. I feel that too many people have an opinion these days and now have social media to voice it. I leave the government to run the country and would like to believe they know what it best for us as a nation.  I’m an optimistic and positive person and believe in helping others and building them up, not pulling them down. I hate the way the people always want to criticise instead of support. I also believe you have to  stop moaning about things you have no control over. If you don’t like something, do something about, if you can’t, just live with it.

11) What advice would you want to give to an aspiring writer?

Learn your trade and make sure you book is the best it can be and don’t even think of publishing if you haven’t had a professional look at it.

12) Anything you like to share about your writing process or reading habits?

I don’t really have a writing process. I  have written all my life and have 100s of stories and some of them were made into novels. Sometimes I think it would be nice to sit down and write something fresh, but I can’t until I’ve cleared the backlog and used up what I already have. Sometimes, I like to sit down with a pen an paper, usually when I have a very basic idea. It is like magic when the words flow and I look up two hours later and have the makings of a complete story.

As for books, I love stories and reading. It is a way of escaping the world and being anyone and going anyway. For the last year, I have reviewe every book I’ve read, and really enjoying doing that.

13) What do you think encourages a reader to buy a book?

A great cover and a good description. There is so much competition nowadays. Readers have more choice than ever before, so your book has to be the best it can possibly be.

14) Tell something about your cover designer, editor and other contributors or service providers.

I’ve used different ones and the main one is Ravenborn covers – – she is so talented and I just love the way she does designs the. They are coloure and bright and instantly grab your attention. I always wanted my own editor and now have one, and she is so supportive and helpful. She makes my books so much better.

15) Please share links about you and your works–

I am just launching The Decade Series – that’s four books set in different decades. I have The Secret, set in the 70s, Joanna’s Journey, 80s, Joanna’s Destiny 90s and The Truth Will Out, 00s. Then I have The Themed Collection – three books of short stories, all themed, The Missing, Behind the Music and Heroes. Lastly, my Electric Eclectic books, which enable me to write different genres, they are, One Christmas, a family drama, Distant Time – Science Fiction,  Down by the River, a crime thriller and A Cry in the Night, romance. All the books along with excerpts and teasers, and more, can be found on my website.


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